These are some of the artists and friends for whom I have set-up and laid-out websites. As part of my work I will continue to assist artists on how to maintain their own site. Please contact me:



I wholeheartedly recommend Beate Minkovski to help you create your website on the platform. Minkovski, who is first and foremost an artist, has served as founding director of Woman Made Gallery in Chicago since 1992 and until her recent retirement in December 2014. It is no surprise that she has turned her creative energies to continue to mentor artists in various ways.


I enlisted Minkovski to redo my tired website, not expecting that it would highlight my work in a new light. She took old images and recast them in a more exciting manner. She worked with me diligently to ascertain that what she was creating was what I wanted, even when I didn’t know what I wanted. And she continues to be available to input and help me manage my website.


Her patience and her vision are remarkable, but her creative spirit and know-how are what make her a very desirable artist supporter. When I knew her as an executive director I knew her for her efficiency, and she is equally efficient as she enters this new phase. The turn-around time for creating my site was nothing short of remarkable, and she continues to be available to input and tweaking.


I would recommend Minkovski and the service she offers for anyone who has been reluctant to publicly share their art via a tasteful website. Minkovski will streamline the process and produce a superior project.”


Karen Rechtschaffen




"Beate Minkovski came to my rescue when my original website was discontinued. Beate created a new website for me, using She was very responsive to my suggestions and changes to be made to the original draft. She is a pleasure to work with, and she developed a professional website for me that is user-friendly."


Catherine Keebler



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